Venice evocative Ghetto

Suggestive corners in Venice

The oldest and best preserved Jewish quarter in Europe is not far from Locanda Ca ‘San Marcuola. At the edge of the most popular tourist routes, the ghetto is characterized by its tall houses, small windows and the Jewish Museum. It is able to condense into a small space the history of the Jewish community in Venice. Between objects and memorabilia dedicated to the worship and festivities, the institute leads us to the visit of 3 beautiful synagogues placed next to the museum. A tip: if you find yourself here at dinner time, enjoy the fine Jewish cuisine and enter one of the restaurants in the Ghetto. A curiosity: Few people know that the word “ghetto” is derived from the Ghetto of Venice. The part of the city from the fourteenth century it was inhabited by Jews, was originally the seat of the iron foundries, whose casting of molten metal, jet, born from the Venetian “geto” or “gheto”.